Mickey and Minnie Disneyland Decorations

Disneyland Excitement Decorations

Who says you have to host a party to decorate for a special occasion?  We recently visited my parents’ house in Southern California and while we were there we went to Disneyland.  My mom is great at getting us all excited and ready to go to the happiest place on earth.  Before we arrive she pulls out all of her “Disneyland” decorations to make her home feel like an extension of “Mickey’s House” which is how we often refer to Disneyland with my 3-year-old.

This picture was taken at the end of a week of fun so all of the treats are gone but, you can get the idea.  🙂

The big eye catchers are the large picture of Mickey and Minnie which actually used to hang in my room as a kid.  I was definitely obsessed with Mickey in my youth – something that has carried into the rest of my life and is starting to get worse now that I have littles.


Perfect little details like the park guide maps add a special touch.


And these darling chip and salsa bowls were found at a grocery store, if you can believe that.


I made these Mickey inspired garlands for my mom to add to her decor.


My talented sister made this candy jar! I plan to have a tutorial on how to make this up soon.  Watch for it!


I just love the stylized pants!


Iconic ears in top of the candy jar.


This Apprentice Mickey and the whole gang pictured below were found in a cute little shop in Solvang.  Mickey and the broom come apart as the separate pieces and they are held together by magnets.  Darling, right?!


Mickey and Minnie come apart from Goofy and Donald in their salt and pepper pair.  My kids just eats these up when we visit.


It is all about the presentation, isn’t it? Not just a meal, or a party, but a trip can be taken to the next level if celebrated!