My Love Letter to the Tracer

Dear Tracer Projector,

How do I love thee? A lot. Like $70 worth.  Actually more than that. You have made projects and parties possible for this little budget of mine.   I usually walk into a party supply store, see the cardboard stand-ups of my daughters favorite characters, think “that would be nice”, then look at the price tag, think “yeah right”, remember I have you tucked away in a closet at home and smile.

You makes things like this happen.


Or this.


With just the butcher paper roll from home depot, some colored pencils, and an hour or so of my time I can have a personalized, life-size version of the cardboard stand-up I just saw in the party supply store.

I can also create personalized “Pin the _____ on _____” that fit perfectly with my party.


Seriously though, It doesn’t stop with the cartoon characters, I can use text printed from my computer.  All I have to do it print it straight off my computer, place it under the tracer and follow the lines.  Add a little chalkboard marker magic and I get something that looks like this:



The New York Skyline is a breeze when I can lean on the fabulous simplicity of you, dear Tracer.


How did I ever live without you?

Sincerely Yours,


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