Book Worm Getting to Know You Party and Question


This particular even was a church get-together.  It was a combined “getting to know you” activity and book drive.  It was such a great event!


For decorations, we went with a “back to school”/”old school” theme.  So lots of apples, pencils, and book pages.  The bouquets of sharpened pencils reminded me of You’ve Got Mail.  Anyone else quote that one still?


We used long rectangular tables and put butcher paper for the “table cloth”.  Crayons were included as part of the centerpieces so guests could draw on the tables, which gave the party a child-like fun feeling.


This is probably my favorite part of the evening – aside form the mouth watering crepes – the getting to know you questions! As a group of diverse women it is tough to have one blanket question to really get to know a person.  That is why this set of questions is dyno-MITE.  It has a huge variety of questions ranging from your very first memory as a child to your worst job.  Anyone in any life situation or at any age can answer these questions.  Find the full list HERE.


Behind the crepe table was this back drop which included a shimmery red apple garland and vertical hanging pieces of this 3D book page garland.


In addition to having everyone answer their questions, we had them bring their favorite book for “show and tell” to go along with the theme and the book drive.  We were in tears laughing about the stories that were told from the questions and even sharing some books.  I would host an event like this again in a heartbeat.

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