Larger Than Life Poppy Flowers

how to make a larger than life poppy


These little huge beauties were my absolute favorite decoration at my daughters Pirate Fairy Party.  If you want to see the whole post from that party click HERE.  They made a great impact and were super cheap! $3.75 each!!  Here is how to make your own:


Here is what you will need to get started:  

One 1/2 inch  PVC pipe – 10 feet long, cut in half, you will only use one 5 foot piece per flower.

Two yards of pink butcher paper.  I found this at Zurchers, you can check a party supply store or a teacher supply store.

One yard of green butcher paper.  Also from Zurchers.

One 9×12 inch sheet of black felt.

One wire hanger or any type of bendable wire that is heavy enough to hold its shape under 1 pound of pressure.

One 3/8 inch foot long rebar.


Hot Glue Gun (Of course)

Duck Tape (not pictured)



Ok, here we go! Separate your two yards of pink paper so you have two one yard pieces.  Then, fold each piece into quarters.  Take your pen and draw your petal shape on one of the quarters.  It should look something like the picture above.  To save your self time and effort, cut out all your petals at the same time by leaving your paper folded while cutting.  Repeat with the other yard of pink paper. Save your scraps of pink paper, we will use them later.

Now, channel your inner first grader and make yourself a folded fan from each petal, but this time, don’t crease above the base of your petal.  See picture above. Repeat with the remaining seven petals and set those aside.


Grab your wire spool/hanger/whatever and bend it so you have  a mess of somewhat straight wire that is about 8 inches long.  Now, duck tape that to the end of your PVC pipe.  Set aside.

IMG_3873 IMG_3876_2

Go back to all of your petal paper fans. The beauty of this project is that we are making something you find in nature which means no two can or should really look the same.  Don’t fret if things get wrinkled, it adds character.  In fact, one of my poppy flowers has petals that are all totally wrinkled.  I just wanted to see what it would look like.  Turns, out it doesn’t make that big of a difference so it wasn’t worth the effort on the last three.  Now, take your neat little fan and mush the base all together. Once you have that finished, take a scrap piece of pink paper and fold it in half hot dog style to give more strength.  The scrap piece of paper should be about 1.5 inches in width and 12 inches in length,which will give you plenty of space to work with.  We are going to line four of our mushed petal bases along the scrap piece of paper and hot glue them as close as humanly possible.  See pictures above.

IMG_3879   IMG_3881   IMG_3939

Now you will take your first layer of petals and wrap/glue them around the wire top of your flower stem.  Be sure to get at least one dot of glue that will stick the paper together between the wires to be sure the petals will stay on the stem.  Once it is all wrapped around glue a bit of the excess paper down to give a little more stability.  Now we will repeat that with the remaining four petals.  We are creating two layers of petals to give a fuller flower.  Above on the right is a shot of what it will look like from the front with two layers.  What a beaut!


For the stem, cut or rip (I ripped mine to give more texture) your green butcher paper into four inch strips.  Then wrinkle the strips to give more texture to your stem.  Start at the base of the petals and glue one end of a strip to the petals and start wrapping the green paper around the wire and PVC pipe.  Be sure to hide all of the wire and PVC pipe underneath by overlapping the green paper slightly.   Put a dab of hot glue occasionally as your are working down the stem.  When your first strip runs out, glue one end of another strip to where you left off, just like at the top and keep going.  When you have reached the bottom, glue the end of the paper down and just tuck the ends in the bottom of the PVC pipe.


For the felt center, take the sheet of felt and cut a 6×6 inch square out of a corner.  Cut the remaining felt into 1/2 inch strips.  Fold each strip into a “V” and glue the corner of the “V” to hold it in place.  Take all of your V’s and glue them in a circle (see picture below on the left).  Kinda books like a sunburst, right?  Get a wad of the leftover paper, crinkle it into a ball and put that inside the felt square (see picture below on the right).

IMG_3945 IMG_3948

Glue the corners and edges over the paper ball.  Then, glue the back side of the ball down on the middle of the sunburst.  Glue the back of the sunburst into the middle of the flower so the ball is facing out.


To get them standing up in the yard, hammer your rebar into the ground (be sure not to hit any sprinklers) about 4 inches and slide the bottom of the flower over it.

Voilà! Showstoppers are done!



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