New York Themed Bridal Shower

Oh my! I am just in bridal shower bliss.  We had the most amazing bridal shower tonight for my sweet cousin who will be tying the knot in less than a month.  The first New York themed shower I’ve been to but, it was so great that I will just have to use this idea again!  There are so many things I loved about this shower that I just couldn’t choose a feature picture because I seriously couldn’t pick a favorite.

Where to begin… I guess with the front door.


To set the tone for a New York themed shower, there is no better way than making a statement with the entry. No doubts here, this party will be about celebrating love and a love for New York.


This party was all about the details.  There were bowls of freshly picked red apples around the house and garden to celebrate the bride’s love of the “Big Apple”.


The detail of bumper to bumper traffic of taxi cabs was strung on the dessert table. The reference to the song New York with the phrase “Start spreading the news”  was on the invite, on the apples on the dessert table, and the news paper wrapping on the dessert table.


The idea with this shower was to enjoy dinner in “Central Park”.  Guests would go though “The City” (the house) and arrive in “Central Park” (the back garden).


The table centerpieces were completed with motifs of popular attractions in Central Park like Belvedere Castle, the Carousel, the Zoo, and Conservatory Garden.


Now for the table scape and the mouth watering food.


Dinner fit the theme with a home made and personalized “New York Style” pizza.


Dessert followed suit with these adorable mini cheesecakes topped with raspberries and mint leaves.  *sigh*


Seriously, too cute for words and so delicious that I had to sneak another one while everyone was outside.  I will work on getting the recipe for you guys.  It may require a bribe and some Cinnamon Roll Popcorn.  😉


The second dessert is a copy-cat of the beautiful bride-to-be’s favorite dessert from New York – Magnolia Bakery’s Banana Bread Pudding. Of course, it was also delicious.  You really can’t go wrong with bananas, sugar and cream.


Then, for the favor, another cousin made these ADORABLE cookies! I can remember my first (and only *sad face*) trip to New York City when I bought one of these iconic shirts. I guess this delectable t-shirt cookie will have to hold me over until my next trip back to the “Big Apple”.